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Change your IT and free your hands where needed

Application development and IT system operation as required


Need an internal application or a web presentation? Just according to your requirements we fix a solution which will support your business.


Not only do we create applications, we also run them. By common consent we run third-party applications both on cloud and on your own infrastructure.


Where necessary, we replace and transfer outdated systems to later versions or new systems with support, alternatively virtualise them.

What can you expect from us?

From the beginning we build solutions to fit the customer´s needs. We have experience from the international environment (UK, Ireland, Slovakia, Russian Federation) and apply them in every project.


We use technologies which are proven and yet move with the times. This is the only way how we can offer modern features and stability expected of production systems.


Where necessary, we build solutions with high availability and sufficient capacity even for demanding tasks. However, we also back up systems with lower priority so that they can be recovered in case of unexpected events.


Our work does not end with comissioning. We provide support throughout the entire life cycle of the solution. We are able to provide it globally.


If possible, we use open source products which are capable to replace commercial products in many areas. However, we do not refuse commercial products if circumstances require it for historical or other reasons.

Do you have an issue you want to help with? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.


Are you interested in new technologies, how-tos, system architecture and the world of IT in general? On our blog you will be able to find not only the latest news from our company, but also from the world of products we use.

Case Study for law firm AK Špiritová

The year 2020 was difficult in terms of starting a business, but some of them did well and managed to start. We are glad that we were also able to[…]

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Red Hat released The State of Enterprise Open Source report.

As every year for the last 3 years, Red Hat has published a report on the state of open-source enterprise software. It included 1250 participants from all continents. One of[…]

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Rocky Linux a new CentOS alternative

A few days ago Red Hat announced changes in CentOS. Here is the result. Rocky Linux ( CentOS is a binary compatible build of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Unfortunately, Red[…]

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Experience, functionality and support in mutual harmony.

FOV Tech s.r.o. was established in 2018. Its goal is to provide both small and medium-sized companies and also individuals with IT services.
We put emphasis on modern, proven technologies, long-term cooperation and functional solutions without unnecessary complexity.

Our activities include development, operation and also administration of IT systems to meet requirements of our customers.

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In today´s world you cannot exist alone. It is especially true in the world of IT. If you want to survive, it is always a good idea to have a partner. However, we do not want only to survive, but to develop and grow and enable you the same. That is why we are partners of companies defining progress and development in their areas.


We are Hewlett-Packard Business Partner

Red Hat

We are Red Hat Ready Partner

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