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Case Study for law firm AK Špiritová

The year 2020 was difficult in terms of starting a business, but some of them did well and managed to start. We are glad that we were also able to start new companies in its beginnings. Read a case study about our cooperation with the Law Office Špiritová (

Red Hat released The State of Enterprise Open Source report.

As every year for the last 3 years, Red Hat has published a report on the state of open-source enterprise software. It included 1250 participants from all continents. One of the findings is that 90% of IT leaders surveyed are using enterprise open-source today, and they’re using itfor IT infrastructure modernization (64%), application development (54%),…
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Rocky Linux a new CentOS alternative

A few days ago Red Hat announced changes in CentOS. Here is the result. Rocky Linux ( CentOS is a binary compatible build of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Unfortunately, Red Hat (currently owned by IBM) decided to stop the releases of CentOS Linux as a build of RHEL source code and will release only Red…
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Fedora CoreOS is replacing CoreOS

Today (05/26/2020) it is EOL of linux distribution called CoreOS, which was created as an environment for running containerized applications. As a successor was announced Fedora CoreOS. Fedora CoreOS works as a minimalistic environment with automatic upgrades for containers using either Docker or Podmanu. Did you use or do you still use CoreOS? Do you…
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Switching from CentOS to EuroLinux

In this video we are showing how to simply switch from CentOS linux to Eurolinux just with a changing the repositories using 2 scripts. If are you interested in this topic and if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or with a web form here.

We have become an ESET Partner

We have become an ESET Partner. Now we can offer you all ESET products at a discounted price over the list price. ESET offers products for Endpoint Security, File Security and Server Security allowing you manage all installations from one point. Especially advantageous prices are provided to the school and educational establishments, non-profit organizations, health…
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We have launched the GitHub repository.

In the repository we will try to share scripts or procedures that we find useful and would be useful to you too. All scripts will be freely distributed and editable. The content is based on our experience and has been used at least once in our projects. Despite attempting to generalize the content so that…
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Eurolinux Logo

EuroLinux installation from ISO

In today’s video, we’ll show you how to install the EuroLinux distribution using an ISO image. The installation also includes a demonstration of the system registration in the EuroManager portal. In the first stage, we will show you how to download an ISO image from a provider. Then we will install the distribution as a…
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We are HP Business Partner now

FOV Tech s.r.o. have become a partner of HP Business. Hawlett-Packard is the world´s leading producer of office equipment. Teaming up with this brand enables us to provide the highest possible level of service exactly according to the customer´s requirements. For more information contact us here. We look forward to our future cooperation.

We are Red Hat Partner now

We are pleased to announce that we have become a partner of Red Hat Ready for the following areas: Hybrid Cloud Infrastucture IT Optimization Partnership with Red Hat provides us and our customers with access to the newest Red Hat technologies. Red Hat is the leader in linux operating systems, digital transformation, hybrid cloud and…
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